How to Celebrate Litha Sabbat

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Celebrate Litha Sabbat

June 20th – 22nd

Litha marks the summer solstice and is a joyous time of celebration and enjoyment of the earth and all that is in it. The power of the sun is in full force, and its rays have brought abundance and prosperity to the earth since it began gaining more strength at Yule.

This bright sabbat marks a turning point, when days will begin to become shorter and crops are reaching full maturity. This is a time to be joyful in the abundance of the earth and to gather around you the things that will bring you prosperity for the year to come. 



The earth is swelling with growth and lively animals. From early spring the seeds that were planted (both physically and spiritually) have come to fruition, and the time has come to celebrate this growth and abundance.


Life is in full swing during the summer solstice, so celebrations are in order! Feasts, gatherings and intentionally honoring the spirit of the summer are themes that go with the abundance that is everywhere.


Eat, drink and be merry! The fulfillment of the hard work during the winter and spring seasons is coming to pass and with that comes great fulfillment of our labor. This theme runs deep within your own heart as well, as you’ve worked hard and now it’s time for a little celebrating!


The physical presence of the sun is at its peak during the summer solstice. This means that the light is everywhere and the days are long. Also, some traditions hold that the Sun God is at full strength, and the Goddess is bringing the full glory of her abundance. It is a time of fertility and exciting light and love.


Nothing feels better than to relax into the long, warm days of midsummer. Let yourself go there as you truly make peace with this theme of summer. Find rest in your soul and give thanks for the warmth.



Fire is a symbol of the long, hot days of summer that bring with them abundance. In some traditions, it represents the God of the Sun and/or the God of the forest at full power, as he nourishes the life that has been created by the Goddess.


Flowers are a wonderful symbol of the abundance and beauty of midsummer, and they make a great decoration for your altar and home.

The Oak

The Oak is a symbol of flourishing stability during summer, and the Oak King is in his prime, but must surrender to the Holly King after the solstice. This means a celebration of his life and power is in order to encourage new life to unfold again next year.

The Sun

The sun is at its peak during Litha, and the celebration continues as the crops mature and abundance flows. 

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Symbolic for the fair weather and the peace, prosperity and peaceful abundance of the summer solstice.


Symbolizes the heat and power of the sun’s rays at its hottest time of year.


Represents the green life that blooms and is being nurtured all around.


Representative of the warmth and heat of the year that brings life to all things.


Ale, Wine, Mead

The time of year when crops are ripening and abundance is all around inspires jovial libation. Always drink responsibly if you’re 21+!


A harvest of apples is a great way to celebrate abundance. Pick your own or feature them on your altar to celebrate the abundance of Litha.


Honey has sustained life on earth for thousands of years. It’s only right to honor this staple during the time of Litha.

Ice Cream

In ancient times, milk was essential to survival, and ice cream is a fun and eccentric way to celebrate the role it has played across generations.


Lavender fields are in bloom during Litha, making this a wonderful plant to use in your baking and altar decorations. The sweet smell invites relaxation and enjoyment to the fullest.


Lemons are the fruit of the summer and are as yellow as the sun itself. Use them as a symbol for abundance and as a way to honor the strength of the sun.

Summer Fruit

Fruits of all kinds are ripening. Enjoy the fruits of the earth when they are the sweetest!



If you have access to a safe and legal area, make a fire or bonfire to honor the sun as it is at full strength. Candles are a great substitute if a bonfire won’t work out!


Handfasting is the age-old custom of binding two together in matrimony. It’s a great practice to honor even if you don’t plan to marry with your friends, partner or family.


Make a feast to honor the abundance all around! Breads, cakes and summertime fruits and veggies are the perfect things eat with your friends and family.

Watch The Sunrise

A common tradition is to say up all night to watch the sunrise as a way to honor the last long day of the year. 



The relaxed joy of the midsummer is palpable. Use this energy of happiness and joy to infuse yourself with happiness through simple spell work and magic.


Plants are thriving, people are full of energy and the world is in full swing during midsummer. This is a healthy time of year and one of the best times to work your magic of improved health and wellness.

Love & Relationships

Summer is a time when people come together to affirm their love and trust with each other. Emotions of love are running wild, so use this energy to your advantage!

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