How to Celebrate Mabon Sabbat

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
How to Celebrate Mabon Sabbat

September 21st – 29th

Mabon is a celebration of the second harvest and a time when the days and nights are again equal during the autumn equinox. It’s a time for finishing projects and putting your house in order for the coming winter, while also celebrating the abundance and security the heart of the summer has brought to us.

While the term Mabon is one of the “younger” terms of the neopagan wheel of the year celebrations, the autumnal equinox (and the second harvest) is a universal theme that can be honored and celebrated in the traditions of our ancestors.



Mabon marks the autumnal equinox, when the days and the nights are perfectly balanced. We honor and celebrate this balance, because it also marks a time when the days will become shorter as the Sun God dies after blessing the earth with his warmth.


As the second harvest is upon us during Mabon, the amount of crops that we have stored up become adequate to last through the winter. While you probably haven’t been storing crops, remember back to you hopes, wishes and spiritual seeds planted during the spring equinox of Ostara.


Take time to give thanks for all that you have manifested and gained since last year. You are a new person, who has created new opportunities and abundance this year. Celebrate that abundance to ensure you attract the same next year!


The second harvest historically happens on Mabon, or the autumnal equinox. This is a time when you reap a bumper crop of your personal intentions and enjoy your accomplishments as you prepare for the rest of winter.


Having worked hard all spring and summer, now is the time to harvest your manifestations and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.



Apples are ripe for the harvest during this time of year and they are a celebration of the sweet and bright summertime coming to a slow end.


A crop that historically sustains life and brings abundance to those who cultivate it. The symbolism is that, you have more than enough and the earth/universe will always provide for you.


A symbol of the harvest and the overflowing of abundance from the seeds you’ve sown.

Fallen Leaves

A great altar decoration that brings color and intent to your workings. Autumn is a time when plants draw their energies within to prepare for the winter. We do the same, and the newly fallen leaves remind us that this time of transition is here.


As oak trees begin to prepare for the winter, they produce the fruits of their labor as well. Acorns fall from the trees, fully ripe to start the process over in the spring. This makes them the perfect symbol of Mabon.



Used to represent the changing of the leaves from summer to autumn, and the transition to come and honors the consistency of the past.


Honors the fruitfulness of the earth and the Goddess in her abundant form. Green is a color of growth and we remember it now.


A reminder of the Sun God and his powerful presence all summer long. It is a time to honor the sun, as it will begin to wane in strength and intensity.



Falling from well established oak trees, acorns are a symbol of the changing season and a wonderful decoration to any altar. A great way to connect with the Mabon season.


It’s the time of year that apple trees are dropping their last harvest. Don’t miss out on the many ways apples can be used as food, drink and treats!


There is nothing more warming than a fresh baked loaf of bread. All the grains from earlier in the season are now ready to be stored and baked into something delicious.


Root veggies are front and center during Mabon as their harvest is bountiful during this time of year. Roast them and enjoy!


A perfect companion to the cooling September air. Cider has been an essential part of life for many years. Enjoy it as a way to reconnect to your distant past.


The spice that marks the season for many. Bake breads, roast meat and enjoy in cider and mulled wine!


Though the leaves are turning to rust all around, the evergreen trees, like pine, are resilient and steadfast with their deep and rich green colors. These will stand as a reminder of the bright days of summer all winter long.


Bake Bread

Bread is one of the best symbols of health and prosperity, and as a way to say “goodbye” to the dark depths of winter, bake a nice warm loaf of bread!

Clear Out Clutter

Mabon is a time to prepare. You’ve worked hard all year, now it is time to prepare your heart, mind and home for the darker, colder times of winter ahead. Clean your home, organize your possessions and make sure you are mentally clear as well.

Have A Mabon Feast

A feast to celebrate the abundance of the second harvest and the longevity of your life. The Mabon feast or thanksgiving feast if you prefer, brings together friends and family to celebrate and enjoy the changing of the season.

Walk Through Nature

The autumnal equinox is a beautiful and spiritually uplifting time to be outside. You can feel the changes in the air and see the way that the Earth prepares as she draws her energy within to prepare for a wintery slumber.



During the autumnal equinox, the days and nights are of equal lengths. This makes it the perfect time to work spells and rituals that focus on balance.


You’ve done so much this year. You are a strong, brave and prepared individual, and Mabon is the perfect time of year to honor these truths in your magic.


The abundance of the second harvest sets into motion the prosperity in everything. You can feel the prosperity within the earth if you listen. Use this energy to work prosperity magic during the Mabon season.


As the season of summer comes to an end, it’s a great time to reflect on all that has come to pass. Simple meditation on the past 6 months can be a powerful tool as you move forward with confidence and clarity to work your magic.

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