The Symbol of the Sun in Witchcraft

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
The Symbol of the Sun in Witchcraft

The sun is a symbol of creation, growth, and hope. It is the preserver of life and nature. That is why the sun is a common symbol of God, Zeus, and prominent deities in different beliefs.

For witchcraft, the sun, portrayed as the solar cross, is a symbol for new beginnings and transformations. Drawing a Sun card during a tarot reading means the upcoming arrival of good fortune, happiness, and harmony. 

Origin of the Solar Cross

The solar cross or the cosmic cross is one of the most ancient symbols in witchcraft. Although its frequent appearance in pagan spiritual practices, the solar cross is seen in different religious groups.

The solar cross is a symbol of four divisions representing the four seasons that occur in a solar year. It is also designed to mark the solstices in the form of visible lines that form the cross.

Because of its strong relation to the sun, this emblem somehow became a prominent symbol during a Litha celebration or the Summer Solstice when the Sun is at its most powerful state.

During Litha, witches or modern pagans traditionally celebrate over bonfires or within their sacred spaces to thank the sun for its abundant provision of harvest and good fortune.

Simply, this symbol can be used in your daily life in the form of an ornament, an image or a tattoo to remind you to see the brighter side of things – no matter the circumstance.

Using the Solar Cross in Witchcraft

Using the Solar Cross in Witchcraft

Support and Protection 

The sun burns dark energies. As an ornament charged with intention, the solar cross can aid protection and support from influential energies that may disturb your spiritual alignment.

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When you are unaware, you become vulnerable to negative energies held by the external forces that you encounter every day. However, when you are reminded of the light within you, nothing will break your connection to your Highest Self.


The sun is the creator of life. It is the light that makes it possible for plants to grow even in forbidden areas in the world. It is the light that gives you the energy to wake up, make coffee, and get things done every single day.

Having the symbol of the sun close to you can remind you that everything is possible even if you are in a situation that makes it hard to believe so. The solar cross encourages you to see the light within the present moment. When there is light, there is hope.

Litha Celebration 

Modern pagans and witches celebrate Litha, a day in a year when the sun is at its peak. During this time of the year, symbols of the sun like the solar cross, calendula, and garden-fresh vegetables can be seen on sacred spaces and Litha dinner tables all over the world.

The solar cross is a powerful symbol that supports all kinds of growth and supplies the creativity you need to fulfill your purpose in life: to be in harmony with nature and all its inhabitants.

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