Understanding Tarot Through Numbers

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Understanding Tarot Through Numbers

You’re not really going to memorize 78 card meanings, are you? Although it is a common practice among spiritual communities, trying to memorize 78 card meanings is mostly impractical – because it can affect the way you see your readings. 

Imagine having to think about its exact meaning while reading rather than actually focusing on what you personally and truly feel about the card in front of you. 

Technically, with this method, you would still have to familiarize yourself with some numbers – but only up to a certain extent that doesn’t take away the whole essence of this magical practice. 

What are Tarot Numbers? 

Tarot numbers are usually found in each suit of the minor arcana. Numbers start from one (ace) and end up to ten. When you’re new to the practice, the numbers might seem useless or confusing. It probably just reminds the cards you haven’t memorized yet.

Numbers play a significant role in Tarot and in the whole area of divination. Understanding the meaning behind these profound numbers can contribute, not only to the quality of your readings but also to your perception of these symbols in real life.

By the end of this article, you will learn how to make a reading with ease and learn to see these numbers as notable signs from the universe.

What are Tarot Numbers 

Ace (One) in Tarot

Needless to say, the ace card in any tarot reading symbolizes the beginning, luck, potential, rawness, and enthusiasm. You are at the feet of your journey. When you encounter this number in a reading, ask yourself what is boiling within you.

With the help of the energy as depicted by the element or the suit of the card, you will be able to recognize potential opportunities that are widely opening their doors for you right now. Alternatively, if you get a reversed ace, it might mean there are hindrances that are blocking you from new opportunities.

Or, if you’re calling to ask a yes or no question, a reversed ace means you should turn down the opportunity in front of you because of consequences that might follow as you move forward.

Two in Tarot

Two represents balance, partnership, harmony, love, unity, and duality. It is a union of two people, things, ideas, or identity. Picking up a two in a reading may be entailing you to pursue whatever you are currently bottling inside.

Is it a business idea? A crazy idea to live up the mountains? Do you need to reach out for help? To reconnect with an old partner? 

Three in Tarot

If you notice in many witchcraft and spiritual symbols, you’ll notice three as a symbol of completed phases and/or collaboration. It’s evident in the Triple Goddess, the Triquetra, and many other symbols.

When you draw three in a reading, it might suggest that you are already in your last phase of whatever that means to you. It may mean that you are at the peak of your spiritual journey, your career, or your life. You are ready to take in new ideas from others and express yours in return. 

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Four in Tarot 

If you have done yoga, you might know a position wherein you are required to come into all fours. When you are into all fours, you have a balanced foundation, like a sturdy tabletop ready to be placed with all sorts of things – heavy books, large computers, or a festive meal for ten people.

Four in Tarot suggests that your foundation is already set and you have everything to endure whatever you are encountering at the moment or in the near future.

Five in Tarot

Five depicts change, probable conflict, instability, or uneasiness. It may or may not signify a positive message, but it can be altered when put into context. Five may suggest you drop toxic habits blocking you from your path or may warn you of a possible inner or outer conflict coming your way. 

Six in Tarot

The light after dark. Six is a special number, coming after the humongous number of conflict and change. It represents alignment, focus, enlightenment, and communication. If you pick five and six in one reading, it clearly suggests that you must confront inner troubles and take action to make positive change. 

Seven in Tarot

Seven is a number of introspection, assessment, and reflection. Imagine a board of officials, which, in this case, are six of yous – all witnessing the situation on hand.

When you pick seven in a Tarot reading, imagine yourself as a witness rather than the person experiencing the situation. This can help you become more aware of the impulsive decisions and bad habits that you may unconsciously be clinging to.

Eight in Tarot

Eight in Tarot

Eight is a number corresponding to fulfillment, growth, and success from knowing where you stand. From here on, you are completely safe from whatever the universe throws at you.

Depending on the context still, a reversed eight may mean similarly: you just have to be conscious of what is presented without judgement and you’ll see how near you are from achieving what your heart desires.

Nine in Tarot

Nine is a number near the finish line. When you draw a nine during a reading, it may signify that you are currently at the transitory stage which is almost like a test before completion or success.

It may have a similar resemblance to five, but instead of conflict and change, it depicts stagnancy, a plateau-like feeling, or a passive-aggressive challenge before the final steps to your journey. 

Ten in Tarot

Ten, the last number used in Tarot, represents final completion, end of a cycle and, renewal. In other contexts, ten is having two hands full – may it be with obligations, responsibilities, or pressures.

Seeing this number in a reading can be either be a relief or a worrisome warning. Remember how important breaks are regardless if your actions are for the pursuance of your goal. 

Numbers pose an important role in the practice of Tarot. They are not there simply to count the number of cards in each suit, but are rather there to give even more context, value, and meaning to your readings.

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