Using Bay Leaf for Protection

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Using Bay Leaf for Protection

Bay leaves have been utilized by witches for many spiritual practices including wishing, banishing, and protection. Although bay leaf may seem no different from other herbs for spellwork, the aromatic spice stands uniquely with how it is creatively used in witchcraft. 

Origin of the Bay Leaf Tree

The origin of the Bay Leaf comes from the story of Apollo who happens to desire a virgin nymph named Daphne. Unfortunately, this virgin nymph despises the company of man and would rather live by the companionship of nature and its woodland inhabitants.

Daphne ran into the woods when she felt her freedom dissipating and was chased by Apollo, gripping into one of her heels. When she called out for help, her father, a river god, quickly turned Daphne into a Bay Laurel Tree, to honor her desire to be among the company of nature.

This was the first instance of banishment, protection and a wish come true. Since then, the bay leaf became a prominent tool in witchcraft used in many varying practices. 

Properties of Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is considered to be a symbol of illumination and Divine wisdom. It is a solar plant and helps guard or cast a protective circle before meditation or divination.

The herb is also prominent in protecting finances and ensuring the stability of cash flow in the household.

Using Bay Leaf for Protection Spellwork

To Protect

Bay leaf can be used as protection against spells cast against you and other negative influences that can block or distort your perspective of the truth. To use a bay leaf for protection, write all that you wish to be protected from.

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This can be your co-worker’s manipulative attitude, possible spells cast against you, and banishment of everything that does not serve you spiritually, mentally, and physically.

To Cleanse 

Cleansing your aura or sacred space is no far different than using it for protection. To use it to cleanse your aura, write the negative thoughts you have about yourself or about a situation that includes self-limiting thoughts, anxiety, and other false beliefs.

What makes cleansing a protective technique is because it wards off excessive energy in the body and influences the environment that you are surrounded by. 

Sealing the Intention with Affirmation

Sealing the Intention with Affirmation

Intentions are simply plans without sealing it with affirmation. To help manifest your intention to be protected and cleansed from negativity, burn the bay leaf in a cauldron or a lit incense.

This allows the message to cross from the physical field to the ethereal realm. Alternatively, bay leaves sprigs can be attached at the front door of your home to serve as a talisman or auric shield from external influences that may disrupt the peaceful environment of your home.

While there are many other ways to utilize the bay leaf, protection during this fast-paced, and technologically driven time is necessary to live peacefully and harmoniously – making it one of the best ways to utilize the herb in our time. 

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