10 Ways to Bond with Deities in your Practice

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Ways to Bond with Deities in your Practice

Deities are known to help us reconnect with nature, the animals and with the great life source energy, the divine. They empower us with their strength, beauty and ego- less selves. Sparking the connection of one or many deities in your practice can help you in self-realization and in reading angelic messages around you. 

While it may look purely devotional to connect with a deity, it is not always the case. It must come naturally to you, and this connection should be fulfilled with genuine love, appreciation and care. Knowing the deity present in your life can be decoded by your experiences, interests or traumas that have grown into positive outlooks in your life.

Ways to Connect with Deities

Reading the History of Lore

Reading and studying the history of lore can deepen your understanding of a deity’s life. This can help you gather tons of wisdom and guidance along the way. Knowing symbols connected to your deity can also guide you in decoding angelic messages in your daily life.

Offering Gifts and Offerings

You can show appreciation for a deity by offering gifts of value. It can be flowers, coins, fruits, wine or honey. Offerings like fruits, food and flowers should be buried in  dirt or kept away from the house as soon as it rots. Do not consume what you offer to your deities. 

Decode Messages with Intention

The most common way to decode messages from deities is by divination. The use of tarot cards, pendulums, dreams, scrying and more can enable you to visualize what your deities are trying to communicate. They are our guides after all, aren’t they? 

Keep a Journal 

Keeping and writing in your journal records your thoughts and actions can easily enable you to look into your past. Seeing a pattern in your experiences can help you decode messages that you might not have noticed before. Another way to keep a deity journal is to write every experience that made you feel the presence of a deity.

Ways to Connect with Deities

Doing Slow Crafts

Slow crafts such as cooking, making herbal concoctions, knitting or crochet, painting or gardening are just a few of the many ways you can involve your physical body in the service of deities. Anything that brings out the beauty of life and anything that improves life is a work that is appreciated by deities.

Going in Adventures

A fun way to bond with your deity is by going in adventures. Go hiking, fishing or visit your local flower garden. Going in specific places in the country where you feel like your deity is ever-present can also be an opportunity for you to strengthen your connection with your chosen god or goddess.

Sharing your Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge with like-minded people or others can ignite your passion for your devotion. This can also inspire other people to seek guidance from the Divine. If you are not a good speaker, there are platforms where you can express your heartfelt words and experiences — thanks to the internet. 

Creating an Altar

People devote themselves to one deity, some to many. No matter how many deities you adore, an altar reserves a specific space where you can pray or ask for their guidance. This can also be a place where you can put offerings and gifts.

If you follow many deities, you can either put a picture or symbol of them all at once, or give each of them designated timeframes to be displayed depending on the time of the year. 

Reach out through Prayers

Rewarding and empowering, praying give you the opportunity to talk directly with your deity which in turn, strengthens your relationship with them. Praying also enables you to speak out your desires and manifestations in your life.

Going into Meditation

Meditation is the first step and the step that you must maintain throughout your practice. Through meditation, you first see the deity that will guide you through this lifetime and through meditation will you experience the answers that your deities have set out for you to receive. 

Learning about deities and connecting with them often is a great way to understand the world around you. The deities that rule the earth, sky, land and spiritual realm are just around us, ready to be discovered. Once we reach out to them, they will not fail in giving you guidance, strength and wisdom. 

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