3 Ways to Celebrate the Midsummer with Vervain

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Ways to Celebrate the Midsummer with Vervain

Vervain or Verbena is a sun-loving hardwood perennial herb with five pink, purple, small petals. Vervain usually does not have a certain smell but can taste bitter when drunk as tea. 

For years, this perennial herb is used by pagans and witches for attracting love and protecting sacred spaces from negative energies. Vervain is also used to protect from spells cast against you by others. 

Vervain is comprised of strong, feminine energy and is an herb ruled by the water element. It is the herb for mending broken relationships, attracting love, and generally absorbing positivity in one’s life. 

Because of its notable inclination for the bright sunlight, Vervain is greatly linked to Midsummer or Litha, a pagan celebration during the summer solstice. This perennial herb can be utilized as a talisman, an ornament for spellwork, and an ornament for decorating sacred spaces during the midsummer celebration.

Use Vervain as Talisman

The most common way to celebrate with vervain is by keeping it in your pocket, your wallet, or your bathroom where you can easily access its healing properties. If your energies are goal oriented keep vervain in your pocket for the duration of the celebration to protect yourself from toxic energies and influences that may affect your goals. 

Use Vervain for Rituals and Spellwork

Vervain can be used for supporting your manifestations and affirmations during a ritual. During Litha, it is customary for witches and pagans to light a bonfire at dawn to mark the start of the astronomical summer and the point at which days start getting shorter. 

Typically, herbs like vervain are cast into the fire along with the intention of the tosser. This perennial herb can manifest your desires especially if you wish to attract love or seek the guidance of the divine in uncertainty. 

Vervain can be used in an intimate setting like your home altar. You can do this by crafting blessed vervain water and spraying it within your sacred space. Drinking vervain as tea is also a great option as its flavor can easily be overpowered by other ingredients that suit your taste. Alternatively, vervain can also be used in a spiritual bath. 

Use Vervain to Decorate

Use Vervain to Decorate

It’s easy to decorate with Vervain’s vibrant purple color. Vervain can be hanged in your door or windowsills to welcome energies of love and creativity. Another way to see it is to use it as protection from negative external forces that you may bring home after going out daily. Vervain can also be decorated in your home altar or sacred space during a candle ritual or a Litha reading. 

Vervain works well with other herbs such as lavender, calendula, thyme, and peppermint. This perennial herb is one of the best herbs to have during midsummer and you will see how easy it is to absorb its sun-loving persona and its vibrant enthusiasm. Having Vervain all year round is definitely a great way to carry the light of Litha into your days. 

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