Ways to Stay Grounded as a Witch

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Ways to Stay Grounded as a Witch

Grounding is an important part of any spiritual craft as it aids you in connecting with the earth’s energy rather than depending on your own.

As others might have experienced, being dependent on one’s own energy when dealing with spiritual matters such as divination, spellwork, and tarot reading may lead to feeling drained and overwhelmed. 

Additionally, stabilizing your energy level by drawing it back to the earth after every ritual is equally necessary to purge excess energy that you might have raised.

Ways to Stay Grounded

Light visualization

When preparing for meditation, the easiest way to do this is by visualizing white bright or gold light passing from your head through the rest of your body, absorbing negative energy from every part of your body, and cleansing your aura.

Feel the excess energy leave your body as it reaches the lowest point of your body and visualizes it flowing back to the earth. This meditation is best used when you are feeling groggy, drained, or exhausted from a traumatic experience or spiritual work.

Using a Focal Point

Another way to keep yourself centered is by using an object as a focal point. This can be a white blank wall, fresh flowers, or a candle.

A blank wall is the simplest- as it can give you a sense of calm by unconsciously diverting your focus to a blank canvas, a clean slate, some headspace to invite your intuition to take over in important decisionmaking processes, and other spiritual work.

If you are a green witch or someone who just loves nature in general, keeping some fresh flowers in an altar vase can also be a good focal point to use in meditation. Fresh flowers or plant cuttings can help ground you by reminding you of the beauty in life.

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The simplest way to focus your attention and centering yourself during meditation is by lighting a candle. If you are just starting, using a candle is a great technique to practice focus even with distractions surrounding your area. 

Using the aid of crystals

Using the aid of crystals

Crystals are from deep beneath the earth and they hold energies powerful enough to guide and protect yours.

Although it is possible to cleanse your aura by revisiting nature, crystals give you an opportunity to connect with nature in the comfort of your pocket or your sacred space. Just like plants, crystals elevate your energy and cleanses your space when given with intention. 

Smudging an incense stick

Another common way to ground yourself is by setting the space and cleansing it by using a smudge or incense stick.

Aside from cleansing your space, the smell of sage or incense can help set the mood and influence your senses to be in a calm, meditative state. This is a great entry point if you wish to go deeper into the meditation.

Grounding yourself is essential and necessary not only when you deal with energy, but also in your daily life. Regular meditation promotes calmness, mental clarity, mindfulness, and peace with all the beings of the universe. It improves your intuition and constantly connects you with the Divine. 

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