What does the Trinity Knot Symbolize?

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
What does the Trinity Knot Symbolize

The Trinity Knot is an influential symbol across many cultures and is considered one of the oldest symbols known in history. The triquetra or the Trinity Knot is said to have first been discovered in Indian remains that are about 5,000 years old. As time went by, it was eventually found in stones in Northern Europe in the 8th century as well.

The Trinity Knot is composed of three corners and is associated with powerful trios: the threefold nature of the goddess, the three domains of nature, the parts of our being, and the phases of the moon.

The Triquetra is also highly associated with Christianity, as it is said to represent the holy trinity. However, many historians aggress on this fact because the origins of this symbol as Christian are unfounded and almost inexistent.

Many of them believed that it was merely used as a symbol of the holy trinity because it perfectly represented the  Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Trinity Knot in Witchcraft 

The Threefold Nature of the Goddess

The divine feminine is one of the most influential symbols in Witchcraft and is seen in a few other symbols including the Triple Moon, the Goddess Symbol, and the Triskelion Symbol. The Triquetra is said to symbolize the maiden, mother, and crone which are all interconnected phases to divinity.

A Trinity Knot symbolizing the threefold nature of the Goddess is often designed with a circle surrounding the knots to represent fertility and unbreakable power.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

In Witchcraft, the three parts of our being are also associated with the Triquetra symbol. It represents the importance of nurturing each part of our being as steps to divine awakening.

Alternatively, believing that everything is tied together to form a moment empowers us to live every day with meaning and purpose, even when doing the most mundane things.

The Three Domains of Nature

The Three Domains of Nature

The Triquetra symbol is also commonly associated with the three domains of nature which include the land, sea, and sky. This symbolism is relevant to the interconnectedness of every domain in the whole of nature.

This implies that an event miles away can affect a stranger from a different region, country, or origin. This symbolism is quite linked to the unity and interconnectedness of animals, human beings, and nature. 

Phases of the Moon

The Trinity Knot is also honored for its association with the waxing moon, the full moon, and the waning moon which are significant figures in Witchcraft. Each phase is tied with a specific meaning impactful to one’s practice.

The waxing moon represents beginnings, purity, and manifestation. The full moon represents potency, creativity, and ripeness. The waning moon represents understanding, wisdom, and knowledge.

Generally, the Triquetra symbol is prized for its representation of unity, interconnectedness, and harmony. Figuratively, the Trinity Knot symbolizes a large clock in which all realms, beings, and animals take part in.

That being said, everything part there is in the clock affects the overall movement of time. 

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