What is a Sea Witch?

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
What is a Sea Witch

Have you always been drawn to the sea? The sound of the ocean, the humid breeze, the grainy texture of sand that constantly reminded you of home.

Perhaps you cared for a fish when growing up, allowing you to connect deeply with sea creatures both big and small. Or, for no particular reason, maybe you always loved collecting things from the sea – seashells, driftwood, corals, hag stones, anything! 

Maybe you just love the beach. But if you feel deeply connected with nature, particularly bodies of water, there is a possibility that the path of the sea witch is for you. 

What is a Sea Witch?

A sea witch or an ocean witch uses materials from the ocean for his or her practice. A sea witch can also be described as someone who feels deeply connected to the ocean, allowing this connection to heal, protect, and provide abundance in their life. 

How to be a Sea Witch

How to be a Sea Witch

Build Your Connection with the Sea

Building intimacy with the ocean is no different from relationships. If you want to pursue the path of the sea witch, you will have to initiate a commitment to visit the local beach, the nearest river, or the lake by the park.

If that isn’t something you could do on a regular basis, the best way to build this connection is by learning about the lake or ocean you visit more frequently than others. This practice allows you to be familiar with the history of your chosen body of water.

Go Treasure Hunting

Another creative way to bring the ocean to your home is by collecting treasures from the seashore. This can be a jar of seashells, driftwood, hag-stones, seaweed, or anything that sparks your attention.

Collect and decorate your home with your treasures to invite the cleansing power of the sea into your home.

Make a Sea Altar 

With the treasures you’ve collected, you have the opportunity to set up your own sea altar. To do this, you can use the four elements as a basis.

Use sand to represent earth, ocean water to represent water, incense smoke to represent air, and candle smoke to represent fire. Place your collected items in a jar and secure it with a tight lid.

When choosing an incense or smoke wand for your altar incense smoke, choose an herb that can be grown by the sea. Some of the choices include Basil, Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender

Offer Gifts to the Spirits of the Sea

If you work with the spirits of the sea, make an effort to offer gifts of any form. You can do this by creating a seashell mandala by the seashore or by collecting flowers to send your thanksgiving.

You can also contribute your service to the sea by initiating beach clean-up activities or ocean and animal advocacies. They will acknowledge.

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