What is Charm Casting?

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
What is Charm Casting

Have you ever bet on something by tossing a coin? 

Charm casting is one of the recently known divination methods inspired by ancient casting techniques such as bone/wood throwing, rune casting, tea leaf reading, and more. 

Why practice charm casting? 

Just like your favorite divination practices such as Tarot, charm casting allows a reading to be more personalized by giving you the permission to make your own rules and to choose your type of charms. Aside from that, charm casting makes a fun practice to tap into your intuition and subconscious. 

Setting up your charms 

Your charms don’t have to be particularly expensive or materially worth a penny. In fact, you can even collect buttons, pennies, unused pendants, small random objects, crystal chips – anything! What matters most is your connection with each charm. 

To organize and set up your charms, you may group them in 20s, 30s or 50s with a varied theme. For instance, you might want to keep a set that focuses on inner circles and family.

The other one could be focused on the energy of love. The last one could be focused on your innermost self. If you like to keep them in one set, that’s not a problem at all. But if you have a lot of charms, it makes reading a breeze if it is kept in niches.

Another useful tip you can use is by adding a charm that represents you or the person you are reading – so you can identify which is the closest and the farthest aspect from the person.

Ways to Practice Charm Casting

Charm Casting with Cards

The most basic way to put your charms in a system is by casting with the use of oracle cards or Tarot cards. Charms can either be casted on a card or be separately associated with cards from the major arcana. 

To cast charms on a card, simply draw a card just like you would in a normal reading and cast your charms on the chosen card. Do not disturb the placement of charms but rather observe where it is randomly placed. Direct the association of the card to the placement of each charm. 

Alternatively, you may use the other method which is quite more direct and straightforward. This method only requires you 22 charms, each for every card in the major arcana. 

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Charm Casting with Cloths 

A modern and straightforward method you can use is by practicing with cloths printed with guides of your choosing. There are a lot of themed cloths available in the witchcraft community including astrology, moon phases, chakras and more.

This method can also be personalized by making your own charm casting cloth with few simple materials. 

Purely Charm Casting

If you’re out and about and all you have on hand are your charms, it is not to worry about. Charms have energies accumulated from your connection with them. With the help of your intuition and subconscious, you may be able to read charms that are purely casted on a blank surface. 

Ways to Practice Charm Casting

How to Read Charms

Listed below are one of the few possible placements and their potential correspondences. Know that these are not the only ways to read charms.

Past, Future, Present

To read for the past, future and present, you have to identify the charms that are closest and farthest from you or the charm that represents you. You may correlate the placements with past experiences blocking you to experience a certain opportunity, where you are currently in your journey, and what you have to do to move past your current state. 

Charm on top of the other

When you cast a charm, you will notice that some pieces may overlap others. When reading this placement, think of the charm on top as a hindrance to an opportunity represented by the charm below or as a priority that must first be taken into account before anything else, including what is represented by the charm below.

Knowing the “Significant Charm”

The significant charm is the relying representation of the whole reading. It can represent the greatest area in your life right now or experiences that have affected the present — your present. 

To know where the significant charm is, you only have to identify the charm that lays farthest from the others. If you don’t own a charm representing you or the person you are reading, you may use this to symbolize a similar representation. 

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