A Witch’s Guide to Making Sun Water

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By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Witch’s Guide to Making Sun Water

Just like the moon, the sun is honored by our ancestors because of the potent power it holds. If you are familiar with Astrology, then you probably know that the moon impacts our subconscious or our dark side.

On the other hand, the sun empowers our personal light or our outer self. Whatever you use the sun for, it is bound to affect your ego or the things that matter to you – may it be your career, your skill sets, or anything that you hold dear.

How to Use Sun Water in your Practice

Sun water can be pretty potent and powerful. To make the most of your sun water, educate yourself about the sun you plan to expose your water with. This requires you to know your intention and identify the placement of the sun including the correspondences of its current placement.

For instance, if you wish to be more productive and organized, you might consider looking forward to exposing your sun water during a time when the sun is in Virgo. If you wish to nail a job interview or make new friends, you might want to make sun water when the sun is in Leo. Nonetheless, using sun water in your practice can generally bring empowerment and clarity in your life even during the darkest, coldest of times.

Sun water can also be used in spell work by cleansing negative energy in your aura and detecting false revelations by bringing the truth to light. It can be used in all types of spells including sympathy, antipathy, reversion, and more. As mentioned, make sure the properties of the sun that your water has been exposed to match the energy you wish to attract in your spell.

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Alternatively, you may want to add a drop of sun water in your bath for a cleansing and healing effect after a long, draining day. A bit of magick goes a long way!

Making Sun Water 

Making Sun Water 

To make sun water, you will need a mason jar, drinking water of choice, and a piece of paper. The piece of paper is optional, but if you want to direct the sun’s energy to your intention, you may write it down and place it underneath the jar where it will be placed. 

Fill the jar with water and write your intention on the piece of paper you just prepared. Alternatively, you may hold the jar of water in both of your hands while chanting an incantation or a mantra mentioning your intention. This strengthens the power of your sun water once charged. 

Note: Identifying your intention can be helpful in choosing which type of water works best for you. If your intention is based on your outer self – wealth, career success, family, and physical self-development – use sun water. If, on the other hand, your intentions are based on your deeper self and the spiritual, consider moon water. 

Place your jar near a window sill where it can access bright light during the day, ideally when the sun has just come out, and charge for three to four hours. However, if your routine doesn’t allow you too much time, you may charge your sun water for a minimum of fifteen minutes. 

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