26 Witches Share Their Best Online Marketing Tips

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Witches Share Their Best Online Marketing Tips

Live, Share & Grow a Following

As you may have noticed, witchcraft has taken to the internet and flourished.

There’s a huge amount of incredibly useful witchy information floating around that gives us the opportunity to expand on our own paths as witches, wiccans and pagans.

These 25 witches are representative of the thousands of hard-working, magical creatures on the internet that share their own path, knowledge, and inspiration with us day after day.

If you’re looking for advice on how you can reach more people with your personal witchcraft journey, this list is the best place for you to start.

Think Bigger When Creating Your Dreams!

Jenna, The White Witch Parlour

“When you are in the process of building your dreams, whether it be a business, house or lifestyle, you are doing just that… building. The more you incorporate to the process, the bigger the end result. Listen to your intuition always, if you rather spend the money on creating new products over paying an advertising bill, then do that.

If you change your mind throughout the process, that’s ok too! There is no rules, just be yourself & work within your own energy. Often, what keeps people coming back to your product is YOU & the energy you are offering them.”

Know Your Customer and Align With Their Journey

Brigit Esselmont, Founder of Biddy Tarot and Intuitive Business Strategist

“Get to really know your dream customers and create an avatar for each main customer type. Imagine their life story – what got them to where they are right now – and connect with their dreams, aspirations, fears, and challenges. Give your customer avatar a name and find a photo to match. Then when you write content, create offers, and serve your people, do it with this person in mind. Look at their entire journey, from getting acquainted with your area of expertise to becoming masters themselves, and align your products and services with their evolution and development. 

We recently created customer avatars for an upcoming launch and it has made our copywriting, communication and marketing activities SO much easier and more effective, because we know who we’re creating content for. And we’ve adjusted our course content to meet the emerging needs of our ideal customers and to support them in their journey.”

Be Transparent

Jess Carlson Of JessCarlson.com

“One of the most powerful things that has helped me in growing my audience and my business is being open and honest about everything. I don’t hide the ugly and difficult stuff when it come to business or my life in general. When I work hard on a project and it doesn’t pan out how I hoped, I’ll always share the wisdom behind what I think went wrong and what I’d do different. 

To some it might seem like complaining but to me it’s transparency and a teaching moment. When something is going wrong in my personal life that is affecting my work I’ll share that too. My approach to always just being me and being open about success as well as struggles is something I’m often told is what people love about me and makes them feel comfortable working with me. They see me as being a real person and not someone putting on a front to make a sale.”

Be Authentic

Susan González, Bruja Zen

“When marketing your brand or self, set intentions to be authentic and ignore the need to feel validated by likes and followers. Sure, having a social media presence can be exciting but it’s important to identify and understand your audience without added pressures.

Two rules when building your social media presence: 1) be original and 2) don’t compare yourself to other influencers. Align your post with your brand and share what you like; marketing doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Fortunately, I’ve been able to grow my social media platform by engaging with my audience and sharing insight that others could benefit from. There are so many tools and strategies to attract new users to your services such as creating an aesthetically pleasing profile, sharing memes (occasionally), or something as simple as sharing useful tips.

One thing about online culture is the presence of the audience openly calling you out on your BS, your customers or viewers will feel the vibes of what you have to offer, so it’s important to remain genuine. Sure, some hacks and gimmicks could throw your post in front of more viewers but those often have a cost attached to them. When marketing your services, don’t bombard your followers with back to back products post, share items that may resonate or engage users to want to continue following your latest updates. Share insight on your services such as fun facts about crystals, candles, astrology, tarot and many other tools that can tie back into your services. If you’re looking to make the big bucks by starting at ground zero well it’s not likely going to happen overnight, be okay with posting and not receiving a response.

Furthermore, there are several social media platforms available but not all will have the same response in engagement, I recommend for you to get well accustomed to one social media platform and experiment with the tools they offer, such as adding your website link to your profile or adding a brief but catchy bio too attract more readers. Once you’ve managed to hit the ground running by making your presence known online, it’s okay to branch off and share more of your post on other social media platforms. Lastly, embrace your abilities and talents, it’s okay to be vulnerable; share your knowledge with the world and don’t give in to fear/doubt. To succeed, you must be persistent; don’t give up.”

It’s All About Community

It’s All About Community

Rowan Jasmin of Occulta Luna

“Occulta Luna came after a year or so of building my Instagram presence and being a part of an online community where I share tips on learning the craft and also my personal journey. 

I have found that forging bonds with other like-minded people and other small businesses can be an incredibly beneficial and organic way of marketing. Through supporting and encouraging each other, we can share our products and services to a wider audience. The added benefit of this is that not only do we share each others work but we truly believe in what the others are doing. Our followers can feel that trust, meaning they trust and believe in us too, which is super important, especially when it comes to Tarot Readers and spell work. “

Be You!

Maia Toll of The Illustrated Herbiary and The Night School

“It’s easy to think “if only I were more like so and so, this would be easy.” When we have thoughts like that, we subtly pull off our own message. People will feel that difference on an energetic level! Even if they don’t know why, they’ll trust you a little less. Plus, it’s simply not sustainable to continually emulate someone else’s style or tone. 

Over time, you’re going to change. Your thoughts and feelings will evolve. Your areas of focus will shift. If you create a persona based on who you think you’re supposed to be, you’re going to have a hard time navigating those changes. If you shine a light on who you are— whether that’s as a person or a brand— then your followers will be able to navigate course corrections with you because they’ll understand your deeper motivations. How does this look in practice? When you’re writing, whether it’s copy or a social media post, read your writing out loud. Ask yourself, “is this my voice?” When in doubt, check in with your heart and ask “is this really true for me?”

Strive for Connection Over Currency

Laura Brown of Intuitive Alchemy

“Here is the thing-in 18 years of building a mostly online business what I have learned is that nothing truly beats authentic connection. I have tried all variety of marketing from the fancy pants stuff we are told we “need” to do to the simplest, hardly there at all, marketing. What always made the difference between something proving successful and influential to my work and not was whether I was seeking the all mighty dollar or connection with the person on the other end. 

These days, I keep it super simple. I do not run ads. I do not do any type of lead generation tactics. I instead rely on my newsletter, social media AND word of mouth. Each of these comes from a place of connecting with those I serve. Learning about them. Sharing with them. And it has, thus far, proved to be the most successful approach of growing and maintaining that growth, in my business. I have a feeling it will work just as well, if not better, for you.”

Be Authentic & Consistent

Be Authentic & Consistent

Christine Parsley of ReCircle Home

“Social media has been our main form of marketing since we opened our storefront in 2016. We have found that Instagram works best for us and our customers as both a marketing tool and a way to connect with them. Our followers are real friends who share our common interests and love for crystals. We are constantly amazed how our circle has spread when customers tell us how far they have traveled to visit. We wouldn’t be able to reach them without Instagram!

Our best advice to help grow an audience/customer base is to be authentic and be consistent. Create original content that represents your brand and your values. Step out of the box and be yourself, it’s how you stand out! Posting regularly is key, even though it can be a lot of work. Customers both old and new come in daily mentioning new posts and new products on our Instagram feed. We see it working everyday. We are looking forward to launching our online store and using our social media following to spread our magical + handmade goods all over the world.”

Connect on a Personal Level

Mike Richmond of Shining Moon Studio

“I was very new to social media when I started Shining Moon Studio. I went into it with no expectations and no real strategy beyond staying true to myself. It’s important to share things about yourself with your audience so they see you are a person behind the business rather than just an account pushing products. I try to keep it fresh and exciting so people continue to visit my page and support me. No one wants to see the same standard product photo every day in their feed. Show your products in context of how they’re used to pique interest instead of simply getting that perfect photo we’re used to seeing in catalogues. It can become boring and you want to try to stand out.

Also, it’s called social media for a reason, so part of being successful is connecting with your followers on a personal level, asking them questions and getting them to engage. Take the time to respond if they leave comments. What really helped my account grow so quickly though was cross promoting with others who have similar interests or styles. Getting involved in giveaways with a few other popular accounts is another great way to grow your following and business. Sometimes people would promote my products without me even asking and other times I’ve reached out to ask. It can be hit or miss, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t try.”

Building Community is Imperative

Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms

“People come to social media to do just that- be social. They want to connect with you and learn about you, which involves being vulnerable and showing who you are beyond the screen. And as you harvest community and trust, once you position yourself as an expert or an authority within your niche, you can start converting trusted followers to trusted clients.
This means engaging with people. Reply to comments, follow them, like their photos, reply to their stories. Be on social media platforms to make friends first, and to sell second. Creating awesome content that provides value will create loyalty, and your community will always be by your side!”

Go Within & Go Without

Amy Cesari of Coloring Book Of Shadows

“Go within — Follow your intuition deeply— what  are you offering the world? What message or cause are you supporting? To inspire? To beautify? To educate? To empower? No one knows this but you. It could be cosmetics or coaching—it doesn’t matter what, it’s the emotion of why. If you don’t know “why” yet or if you’re re-aligning your business, follow your intuition, coincidences, clues, and patterns from your lifetime to nail down what drives you to do what you do.

Go without – And then… make it not about you. Yep, it’s your business or your book or your shop or your products. But when you’re marketing, it helps if you don’t make it about you. See if you can avoid phrasing like “buy my book” or “visit my shop.” Go back to your “why” and instead of using “I, me, my,” use “you” and “your.” Talk to your potential customer about them, and talk to them one-on-one, not as a group. “Adorn Yourself like the Queen You Are” instead of “Buy MY jewelry!” “Empower yourself with these spells,” instead of,  “Hey you guys! Visit MY shop to buy MY awesome book.”

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Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key

The Witch Of TheWitchery.ca

“The biggest thing I have noticed with social media & my little online shop in general is that consistency is key and it applies many different ways. You need to be posting daily to all forms of social media be that Facebook, Instagram, & Ello (yes I still use Ello! haha).

Your pictures need to be visually consistent and of course all orders need to go out consistently. (Could I use that word anymore?) Follow those steps my witchy friends and you and your brand will flourish!”

Find Your Unique and Passionate Voice

Athene of White Witch Oracle

“Often we think that to be successful, we need to please as many people as possible. 
What I have learned however, is that finding your niche, is the fastest way to grow your business. The best way to find your ideal niche is to do something that you personally are really, really interested in. Something that fascinates you, that you already dabble in, because you want to. Because, no matter how obscure you think your weird little obsession is, there is a tribe of people, equally excited about it. 
In advertising its often call a USP or unique selling proposition. But it doesn’t have to be something fancy or intimidating. Often the very best USP is just being yourself, unapologetically. Because the true you will bring a unique flavour to your niche passion .
And that is genuinely the key to my success with The White Witch Oracle. When I gave myself permission to fully embody my witchy side, and then indulged my passion for creating art and cartomancy, my business blossomed almost effortlessly. The convergence of these three parts of myself, created my business niche. This USP also informed my choice of online marketing platform. I focus almost entirely on Instagram, because it is such a visual platform. If words are part of what makes you unique, maybe you would find Twitter the best fit for you. Find your field of passion, tighten the focus and then communicate that, as only you can.”

Be Yourself

Marcella Kroll of MarcellaKroll.com

“In a copy and paste repost world, it’s important to use your own voice. Authenticity is key. At the same time if you feel like you need to have a uniform vision for your work, then give yourself permission to grow, and evolve it.

Often times we get caught up in thinking we have to stick to a model in order to be relevant. Be willing to think outside the herd mentality, and be your own unique self. “

Create Unique Products

Annalise Dragonetti, Founder & Creative Director of Terra Soleil

“The number one thing I’ve learned from running a business is to create products and feature photos that are unique and eye-catching. My bestsellers are always the items that are one-of-a-kind, handmade, or hard to come by.”

Make It About the People

The Blonde Priestess

“Fun Fact! I have a degree and background in fashion marketing from FIDM in Los Angeles, I currently work full-time in beauty and I use everything I have learned and apply it to my astrology, tarot and spirituality business, The Blonde Priestess. The one common thread I have found in all of the various segments I have experience in is that marketing and sales is actually just about people; it’s about genuine and honest connection.

I have found the best way to “market” to someone is to simply show them that you understand them. To share your story honestly and in a way that adds value, and in my case astrological advisement or spiritual perspectives. The majority of my clients pursue me (not vice versa) asking how I can be apart of their world through readings, calls or study materials I create. I have found that giving them free value from an honest and unconditional place and a genuine presence in an entertaining and fun way ends up converting to sales WAY better than any sort of sort of promoting, pushing or advertising schemes I could develop.

I believe that everything we sell and serve the world with should be deeply rooted in our core code, morals and purpose. When this is aligned selling is a natural act of simply serving and sharing.”

Consistency is Key

Neena Patrick from The Colorado Witch

“Growing a small-business takes an incredible amount of hard work! Dedication and consistency are two of the main ingredients in the spell for a successful small-business. 

My desire to encourage other practitioners to grow in their own craft was often overshadowed by my lack of consistent effort- life happens and it’s easy to get sidetracked! Once I consciously decided to become a presence on social media and dedicated myself to creating meaningful content my business skyrocketed! The Colorado witch has taken on a life of her own and is reaching more witches than ever!”

Give Away Your Knowledge for Free

Give Away Your Knowledge for Free

Madame Pamita of Madame Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders

“No matter what your level of experience, there is special knowledge that you have that other people don’t. Be generous with that knowledge. I don’t mean sharing your secrets or revealing your recipes. I mean sharing your opinion, your information and the nuts and bolts beginner stuff that you’ve accumulated over time. Sharing that knowledge builds your community and establishes you as an authority in your field, whether you write it in a blog post, book or zine, create a cute sharable meme for social media, record a podcast or make a video.

A lot of people make the mistake of holding on tightly to their practical knowledge, fearful that someone is going to rip them off. But in my experience of writing books, making YouTube videos, recording podcasts and blogging, I have yet to see anyone successfully copy what I’m doing. Remember: when you are creating, what you are sharing is you, and no one can replicate you. When you are a fountain of creation, everything you do will shine with your energy and authenticity. You’ll attract a following of people who are the match for your style and what you’re doing and they will be devoted to you for your generous gifts of knowledge.”

Know Your Target Audience + Lead Them From Your Heart Space

Brianna Shambrook of Soul + Selene

“An important aspect of running a spiritual business is to create a marketing plan that not only reaches your target audience, but also comes from your heart space. When we lead from our heart space, our energy is magnetic and we can attract the clients who truly seek and value our services. To do this, you will need to get to know your target client. Who is she? What are her needs? How can you help her? What are her social media habits? 
For example, for my Shamanic healing services, my target audience is women between the ages of 20-60 who are ready and willing to do the work to heal their traumas, wounds and ego by connecting with Spirit through nature and self-care. In order to get to know my target client I pretended she was myself over the last 5 years. Who was I 5 years ago and what was I healing? What steps did I take towards enlightenment and how did I do it? How did I seek my own mentors and healers? 
I can apply the same strategy when marketing my occult-themed online store. Instead I might wonder what products my clients invest in and what platforms they shop on. When I know exactly who my client is and how to reach her, I can create a marketing strategy that is seen, valued and that brings in clients who are committed to their spiritual ascension.”

Personalized Service is Everything

Kate, White Moon Witchcraft

“People purchase items from White Moon Witchcraft with very specific magical needs in mind, so it’s important to acknowledge each customer individually. We always make sure to answer emails and questions promptly and to offer personalization on products whenever possible.

We always include a small complimentary item such as a crystal, herb or charm with every purchase that matches the customer’s order. These gestures let the customer know they’re important and their needs are being heard which in turn encourages repeat business and a positive relationship with clients.”

Focus on Creating a Tone of Voice

Ellen O’Rourke, founder of Witches Magazine

“Online marketing, in short, is essentially encouraging a bunch of strangers to believe in you and the product that you have created. You’re aiming to initiate a strong producer to consumer relationship, alongside a memorable brand that people know and trust. I’ve found that creating a tone of voice that is implemented throughout your marketing strategy is a key element to initiating and maintaining that relationship.

Whether you’re using social media, such as Instagram and Facebook posts to create a community, or publishing a blog, having a consistent tone and lexis framework helps to show your readers what you’re all about. Whether you opt for a chatty, anecdotal tone, or decide to go all out with the witchy-wording, pick one and stick to it. It works wonders for your branding, and often adds that personal touch to what otherwise can come across as a soulless marketing plug.”

Focus on the Aesthetic

Melanie & Marli – House of Gnosis

“Have a Aesthetic plan as to how you want your social media to be received. Yes we all want to be true to doing the work and authenticity and by so means do that!! However at the end of the day a visually pleasing IG grid will go a long way.

We also find it’s important to check in with ourselves regarding the content we are posting. Are we staying true to our mission statement? Are we posting material of substance? Are we listening to spirit guidance?? We have found this to be paramount in retaining and gaining. Maintaining a community mindset is healthy!! Quit looking in other peoples lanes. Focus on YOUR path and purpose. No one can do you better than you.”

Less Can Be More

Michelle Gruben of Grove and Grotto

“Time and budget are limited resources when it comes to online marketing. It’s not possible–or even beneficial–to try and do it all. Don’t be afraid to ignore the conventional wisdom or newest trends when developing a marketing strategy for your business. Instead, focus on the tools that fit your brand and provide consistent results.

For example, Grove and Grotto doesn’t currently use Google ads, Facebook ads, pop-ups, email campaigns, coupons, video content, “freemiums,” or any number of popular marketing tactics. We’re active on one or two social media channels and ignore the rest. That sounds like a lot of missed opportunities, but it frees up our time to create in-depth original content for serious practitioners. As a result, we enjoy steady organic search traffic and a high return customer rate. Customers will notice when you are sincere about your work and offering a good product at a fair price.”

Let Yourself Be Vulnerable

Lorriane Anderson of Spirit Element

“I’ve had the pleasure of making connections with dozens of entrepreneurs, spiritual and no mag alike. The one thing that always comes up when it comes to marketing is the fear of other people’s criticism. For a long time, I wouldn’t post or send out emails because I was so afraid of the idea that others will judge me and my business suffered for it. Then one day, I posted about some of my struggles as a spiritual entrepreneur and that post went wild. To this day, my posts about vulnerability have the highest engagement. 

There are always going to be people who judge but there are a lot more people who will appreciate your willingness to be real. There’s no shortage of brands trying to sell you something so it’s refreshing to be that brand who isn’t afraid to show the ugly sides of being a human being. Doing so allows your customers to relate to you and they will keep coming back because they know you understand some of their challenges. It’s a lot easier to buy something from someone who’s “been there” than it is to purchase from someone who pretends life is only rainbows and sunshine. It also shows your audience that money isn’t the only thing you’re after. “

Let Yourself Be Vulnerable

Erica Feldmann, Head Witch In Charge At HausWitch

“HausWitch is built on a very strong foundation of authenticity. Products, posts, articles on our community page, everything we sell and make we truly believe in. It’s common practice for us to sit around asking ourselves: Do I really like this thing? Do I think it serves a purpose? And most importantly: Do I really think it’s a good value for the price point?

This process can take a LOT of energy, but it’s worth it for the highly curated products and content we provide. When you think about a space being curated, sometimes there’s a tendency for thing to become polished almost to the point of sterile. For us, it’s important to purposefully make sure everything we do is grounded in real life and actual experiences within the shop to stay as authentic as possible.”

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