The Baby Witch’s Guide to Celebrating Ostara

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
The Baby Witch’s Guide to Celebrating Ostara

Welcome back, sun!

Spring is near, and the length of days is growing longer. The warmth of the sun is beginning to gain strength and nature is recovering from the season of dormancy and darkness. It is finally time again for new beginnings, opportunities and ideas. 

During this time, you might notice a change in your mood. You may even begin to notice sparks of enthusiasm and lightness – the kind of energy that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Everything feels possible. Attainable. 

While some people celebrate it only once, you are free to cherish spring during this time by offering a part of your day to welcome the sun once again. 

Ways to Celebrate Ostara

Make a Spring Altar

Making a spring altar is a great way to set the energy and keep the warmth of spring present in your sacred space or home. To make a spring altar, you only need to collect few items that represent Ostara.

This can be handpicked flowers, dyed eggs or painted wooden eggs, or a Tarot card that represents Ostara for you. You might want to invite the energy of the queen of cups or the charismatic energy of the queen of wands.

Do an Intentional Spring Cleaning

There is no better way to renew the energy of your home or bedroom than to do an intentional spring cleaning. Although this may take a while, the outcome will be worth it. Start by collecting items that no longer bring joy or serve you.

It may be hard to let go of items that remind you of your past self – but it is for the better. When everything gets cleared out, you will subconsciously become more open to new opportunities or finally have the guts to do something you were always curious about. 

Cleanse and Charge Spiritually

The cold days are over and your body is no longer a shield from winter’s natural forces. During this time, make time to reflect on last season’s struggles and what you feel at the moment.

Did you feel a change in perspective? In what aspect in your life should you focus your attention instead? Let these thoughts flood your mind and just as quickly, flush them down the drain. Visualize these thoughts flowing from your brain to your stomach and down to the earth.

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Let the earth take these thoughts like seeds and transform them into gifts of potential, abundance and success.

Eat Food with Vibrant Colors

Although fruits and vegetables are available in store all year, it is still of great importance to commemorate the gifts brought by spring.

Hold a small gathering and plan a colorful potluck featuring fresh food – greens, tomatoes, apples, mangoes, bananas and more. Keep a creative spirit when crafting a meal for the group.

Collect and Decorate with Flowers

Enjoy the beauty of the sun’s homecoming by appreciating the rebirth of flowers in your locality. Collect or purchase flowers from your favorite shop and hang flowers around the house with few pieces of jute string and a pair of scissors.

With this decorative yet preserving method, you get to keep the flowers hanging all year round or you can arrange it and give it to your friends as thoughtful gifts. Alternatively, you can craft your own paper flowers with some crepe paper and use it to decorate your spring altar or dinner table. 

Propagate Plants and Flowers

If you own an outdoor or indoor garden, you will notice traces of life beginning to sprout from dormancy. Use this time to observe fast-growing plants that are ready for propagation.

Once they are rooted, you can use these plants as gifts to friends and loved ones as a gesture of “planting a seed of love”. 

Ways to Celebrate Ostara

Have a Spring Bath

Once you have the time for yourself, brew yourself a tub of all things bright. Bathe with lavender, jasmine and salts for cleansing. You can do this along with your spring cleansing practice. 

Spend Time with Babies

Weird as it sounds, babies have positive, radiant and hopeful energy that is similar to Ostara. By spending time with babies, you will subconsciously be reenergized by their presence.

If you are a parent, take a moment to gaze upon your child’s eyes and write down what you see and feel spiritually. Also, write down other supplementing thoughts that you may be curious about. 

Spring is a time of potentiality, change and transformation. Be free of the weight that holds you back from becoming the best version of yourself. You are a butterfly!

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