6 Witchy Resolutions for the New Year

Aleena Stuckey Owner of WiccanWitchcraft
By Aleena Stuckey
Updated: February 12, 2023
Witchy Resolutions for the New Year

Dawn has ended and the sun is once again where it should be.

With another year in our hands, we are given yet another opportunity to experience the rich essence of living. May these resolutions help and guide you in leading a life of peace, harmony, love and joy. 

Commit to a Mindful Morning Ritual

Everyday, we are bombarded with so much that we sometimes forget who we are and what we are truly capable of. Committing to a mindful morning ritual each day will make all the difference. Regardless of what time you prefer waking up, it is important to check in with yourself and those around you.

This can be as simple as brewing a cup of tea or coffee and sitting in silence. This time can also be used to connect with yourself through meditation or journal writing. With these simple efforts, you will realize so much of the beauty around you — especially those that we tend to overlook throughout a busy day. 

Exercise your Intuitive Skills

There are so many ways to exercise your intuitive skills. Regardless of a practice you choose to exercise this, diving into a certain exercise can strengthen your connection with your crown chakra and with the Divine. In a sense, you will easily spot a sign from your guides when you see it — which, in turn, can improve your ability to make decisions and to express yourself with clarity.

One of the best ways to start exercising your intuitive skills is by learning to read Tarot. A common misconception about Tarot is that the readings majorly come from an unknown source other than the self. Although we are guided by the energy of the Divine, we are the ones who put context, value and meaning into each reading. In other words, Tarot reading pushes us to know what we already know deep in our subconscious. 

Another fun way to practice your intuitive skills is by directly diving into your subconscious by recording and reading your dreams. Your dreams are mirrors of your subconscious. Recording them with the intent to understand the meaning behind them can enable you to see beyond the shallow surface of your being.

Spend More Time with Nature

Spend More Time with Nature

The last year has provided us with so much time inside our homes that we have somehow forgotten the value of staying close to nature. When we are kept away from the bountiful, healing energies of nature, we have the tendency to become ungrounded, distracted and perhaps bombarded — even with the most mundane things. 

Committing to a time with nature is just as important as checking in with yourself. You can do this in any way that you want. If you are less likely to be outside, you reconnect with nature by bringing nature into your home. Start with a few easy-to-care plants or herbs that you can incorporate into your witchy practices. 

If you are lucky, start a daily or weekly routine that involves walking or running outside. This allows you to connect with nature and boost your endorphin levels at the same time. 

Start your Book of Shadows

For those who might not know, the book of shadows is simply a notebook or a journal where you store all your witchy knowledge including spells, studies, and notable sigils in your practice.

Your book of shadows can also be your spiritual growth journal where you put all the highlights and events when you have felt the guidance and power of the Divine working within you. The book of shadows is an essential tool for all witches as it provides a safe space where you can write down your thoughts and own way of doing magick. 

Celebrate All Sabbats

Apart from Samhain, other witchy celebrations are easy to skip or forget. All eight sabbats are equally important as each of them cultivates different energies — all that are beneficial in keeping us aware of our spiritual growth and journey each year. 

Write down ideas, create new traditions, prepare for rituals, learn to cook one special meal for each sabbat celebration and plan ahead. By the end of the year, you’ll realize how rewarding each effort you exerted to make it all happen. 

Heal Someone

It may take a while to fully heal someone, but make it a goal this year to bring love and light to a person who is unknown to the beauty of being. 

When you become a healer of one person, you become a healer to million more people. When you pass light to one person, you light a whole village. Make this year an opportunity for you to touch a person with the healing energy of the Divine. 

A rich, full and beautiful life cannot work without your help and commitment. No matter how life will turn out for you in the following months, always remember that there are simply things you can and cannot control. Focus on what you can do, endure what you cannot control and the rest will follow.

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